International Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago

If you haven’t gone to this museum, you should (and if you get a chance go in October when they do Halloween proud).

If their giant gallstones or kidney stones don’t convince you to take better care of yourself, nothing will 🙂

But seriously, the building, the exhibits and the staff are top notch!

The mission of the Museum is to enrich people’s lives by enhancing their appreciation and understanding of the history, development, and advances of surgery and related subjects in health and medicine. In support of this, we are committed to:

-Portraying through exhibits and other appropriate media, the art and science of surgery, and related subjects.
-Providing programs and services for the education and enjoyment of the public, students, and the medical profession.
-Preserving our collection for the education, inspiration, and aesthetic enrichment of future generations.
-Gaining recognition as a leader among medical and health museums worldwide.”


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