Designed for monthly use, this planner can be started or ended at any time throughout the year.

This planner includes three sections of:

  • Month page spread with a “Do & Destroy” check box sidebar
  • Five weekly page spreads separating out AM and PM check box lists
  • An unmarked “Do & Destroy” page spread with a total of 76 lines
  • An unmarked blank lined page spread with a total of 38 lines
  • The above repeats for a total of 12 monthly sections

The opening page includes a lined area for usage notes, as well as “Began” and“Completed” date fields for archiving purposes. Include your contact information on the planner’s opening page for its safe return should it be lost. The final page includes an area to document things to remember and things to forget.


Posted February 10, 2016 by si in Shopping

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