TONIGHT! Echo Beds, Gnawed, Death Factory and more! (Chicago)

As Many of you know, over ten years ago we had started a monthly Showcase, which focused on Electro, Industrial, Gothic, New Wave, Metal and trip-hop bands both local and national and while we are no longer doing monthly events (or are we?) we are still bringing you the best dark electronic live events both large and small in the city of Chicago. The night is sponsored/hosted by Dave of WTII Records.

WTII Record’s Dave’s Upcoming Showcases
Live Wire Lounge
Live Wire Lounge is located at
3394 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago IL

Friday May 6th, 2016..
FLOOD DAMAGE (Rare experimental/Minimal set)
very special TBA

Ticket prices are $10 at the door

21+ doors at 8:00

It’s not often when you can bring a band to Chicago that has shared the stage with such important experimental noise bands such as Psychic Tv, The Body, John Weise, Sterile Garden, Tit Wrench, and a ton more but that is exactly what we have in getting Keith Curts and Tom Nelson aka Echo Beds to our fair city.

” Echo Beds crafts a caterwaul of contact-mic’d oil drums, broken cymbals,battered basses,unrecognizable tape loops,and dila…pidated voices with the expressed intention of volume as therapy. Taking inspiration from Guy Debord, Mark Andersen, the Surrealist Manifesto, and all “Wreckers of Civilization” and put through the grinder of the self-practiced D.I.Y. ethos, the end result is a liberating exorcism of social commentary vs political agenda. Powerful, pointed, and uniquely authentic- an Echo Beds performance is one that leaves you thinking long after the ringing in your ears has subsided.”

Hailing from Minneapolis, Grant Richardson is the Power Electronics/Death Industrial project Gnawed. Gnawed influences can best be described as broken radios, industrial decay, and the failing of humanity. Gnawed catalog is over 15+ releases strong spread out on several record labels such as Malignant Records, Phage Tapes, Danvers State Recordings, Nil By Mouth, Exabyss Records, Maniacal Hatred, Spit & Cuss, Insides Music, Fusty Cunt, Northern Lord, Out Of Body Records, L. White Records, White Centipede Noise, Industrial Culture.

Death Factory is the project of Mike Krause and William Sides based in Chicago since 1988. They have recorded several home recorded cassettes ,CD-rs and tracks for various compilations over the last three decades. Several live shows have taken place since 2001 mostly in Chicago ,or the Midwest . Their first Lp and cd release are slated for early May (Prison Tatt Records) . Death Factory’s sound ranges from death Industrial, to ‘old school’ Industrial, to atmospheric horrorscapes to ambient . Various tracks also have rhythmic elements to them . occasional members include: the infamous Arvo Zylo and Right Eye Rita.

Check out their back catalog to get an idea of this experienced monster lineup that has been assembled.

FLOOD DAMAGE (eXperimental)
We are pleased to have the night kicked off with a rare experimental set by Michael Allen Rose (and assorted guests) aka Flood Damage. Back in 1996, deep in his parents basement, Michael A Rose (Now Im Nothing) started smashing the keys on his keyboard. Sometimes the sounds that came out made some kind of non-euclidean sense, and so he recorded them. In 2001 the CD “underlife” was released, garnering positive feedback from such luminaries as Meg Lee Chin (Pigface, Crunch) and remixed by such artists as Hypoid, Things Outside the Skin, hEADCAHE and Avenpitch.

In 2002, Flood Damage was featured on Notes From Thee Real Underground Volume III put out by invisible records. This exposure led to other compilation appearances such as Ursa Major from Innervenus. Between 2002 and 2006, Michael also provided instrumental tracks for the documentary “Rediscovering the Corps” and designed soundtracks for theatrical productions.

Their 2014 full length release, “Instructions for the assembly of god (s) was produced by none other than Sean Payne of Cyanotic.

Now it’s been bubbling under the surface and the rebirth is almost here. With a new full band, and plans for an industrial burlesque fusion extravaganza, the Flood Damage apocalypse is nigh.

LiveWire Lounge Chicago
3394 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Illinois 60641


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