Ghost Relations Department’s Ghost Post Box #2

The Great Unraveling May End“… reads the headline on the latest edition of the Grim Gazette.  Haunted Mansion’s Second Ghost Post box arrived!  We are so excited to share the unboxing with you.

Included in the 2nd box:

  • The most recent edition of the Grim Gazette (the most trusted tabloid of the afterlife)
  • A music box, modeled on our Mansion’s very own pipe organ
  • A phenakistoscope – conceived by the ghosts to be constructed to their specifications
  • A fine drawing featuring some of the doors of our esteemed Mansion
  • Blueprints displaying some of the rooms our haunts inhabit
  • Additional divination cards reproduced from the deck of the great Madame Leota

Follow for more photos of the haunted items in the box.

We cannot wait for the final box to arrive so we can solve the mystery of the “Great Unraveling” and help the ghosts follow us home once again.  Each item in the box offered clues and hints from the ghosts to us, not-so-foolish mortals.  The Phantom Radio app (iPhone only) offered even more hints on uncovering more clues from each of the items with unique codes.  And we have confirmation that there are three spooky tasks to complete in the Disneyland park should you choose!

Stay tuned for box #3


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