Recollections – Victorian and Edwardian Clothing of Centuries Past

Accessories, Dresses, Ensembles, Downton Abbey, Historical Era and new products regularly!

Recollections specializes in creating historic-styled clothing reminiscent of centuries past – everything from amazing antebellum ball gowns, vivid Victorian ensembles, elegant Edwardian fashions with fabulous hats, slinky roaring 20’s styles, and swinging 50’s inspired dresses. They even make stylish Steampunk wear for modern adventurers. Over the years, Recollections styles have been “coming forward in time” from their original Victorian and Edwardian offerings with new designs added to support the demand for “Downton Abbey” styles, the Roaring 20’s, and most recently designs from the 50’s. In this way Recollections continues to preserve the best of styles from our past, and make them available to you. Whatever era appeals to your romantic interest in clothing, Recollections proudly produces it here in America.”




Posted July 6, 2016 by si in Cosplay, Shopping

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