SomniaRomantica – Romantic clothing and accessories inspired by history

Somnia Romantica is a fashion line by dutch designer Marjolein Turin.
Gowns and short dresses form the core of the designs. Added to that are pieces that can be combined with it like cardigans, shrugs, lace tops and over skirts. The pieces are often based on authentic historical patterns, adjusted to own design and interpretation.
Inspiration comes from history, nature, myths and dreams.
Materials form an important part of the designs. Especially beautiful laces and trims both new and vintage are sourced from everywhere in The Netherlands and all around the world
The aim of Somnia Romantica is to bring nostalgia and (dark-) romantic dream scapes into modern society.
The name was easily decided. Somnia means ‘dream’ in Latin. It’s also been translated as ‘moonlight’. Both reflect the feel of the brand perfectly.
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