#SpookyInc20 – The Funeral Party (throughout the ’90’s)

As we get closer to the 20th Anniversary of SpookyInc.com (aka GothicChicago.com), we are sharing memories and photos highlighting the last 20 years. Celebrate with us by posting yours with #SPOOKYINC20


Waaay back in 1988, I started an annual birthday party called “The Funeral Party” with my friend Mish!
It continued for many years throughout the ’90’s all over the city – Goth Bowling, Graveyard Tours, Dancing, Dinners at Little Bucharest and so much more! Photos 😉  At some point the party was too big to manage and went to ground…  wouldn’t it be fun to start it up again???



Posted October 16, 2016 by si in #SpookyInc20, Events, JameyB, Personalities, Photographs

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