#SpookyInc20 – Vampire Social Club at Late Bar (2010)

THANK YOU for indulging our 20 memories to celebrate 20 years of spooky stuff for spooky people!

Just one more – Chicago’s Late Bar hosted the Vampire Social Club first meet up.  Old and new friends came to enjoy each other company and the beautiful atmosphere of the bar.  Wouldn’t it be fun to do this again? (more photos!)


We hope you have joined in the fun by adding to the #SpookyInc20

AND we hope you enjoyed our book and stickers!

20 Years Into the Night

Born out of frustration about being seated in the back of a restaurant because we looked too “Goth” (aka “weird”) – we decided to share Goth-friendly locations and events in Chicago and eventually worldwide online.  The scene has grown – Goth is in the malls, Cosplay is the rage and the world is a little smaller (and more wonderful) due to social media.  To celebrate 20 years of spooky stuff for spooky people, this book shares highlights from 1996-2016.

Here’s to another 20 years of spooky stuff for spooky people xoxo



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