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About Us

The Gothic Shoe Co is a family run business supplying high quality winkle pickers and retro style boots and shoes from our base in East London since the mid-1990’s.

We can take appointments for customers to come and pursue our collections at their leisure in a relaxed atmosphere-the showroom has a full range of our shoes and boots which you are quite welcome to try on and get expert advice if needed from our members of staff. We can generally offer quite flexible appointment times to fit in with your schedules.
The Gothic Shoe Co attracts musicians, bands and tourists from across the world, we are always amazed and honoured when people come to London to see us!
Along with the showroom we are concentrating more on our web based sales with the advent of this, our new look website, which we are pleased to report has been having favourable comments since it’s launch and our up and coming concessions, which we hope to have in various locations around the world before long.

Our sought after boots come in many styles, most have a core line of black leather or black suede but we also have a lot more wilder, extravagant colours thrown in to mix it up a bit. They are based on the original patterns and lasts from the 1950’s,1960’s.1970’s and 1980’s-but tweaked a bit to give a more comfortable fit! Talk to those who wore the originals back in the day and they will tell you they are not for the feint hearted.

We have played about with the styling so that each take on our boots and shoes have a slightly different look. Our boots can now be lovingly worn for longer whether it is up and down the high street or on the stage or in a club.

All our boots and shoes are handcrafted in our factory in East London, made from high grade leather or suede,the softest leather lining and with original winklepicker,leather or crepe soles….products we are extremely proud of-we are firm believers in the old adage….’you get what you pay for !’

There seems to be no specific age range for our customers, we have teens to silver foxes!…and all our products can be found adorning people all over the world!

We hope that you enjoy using our website and love our products, if you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


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