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  • The Forever Collection: The taxidermy rose BLACK

    This is the first of (The Forever Collection).

    Suspending nature’s exquisite dark beauty, forever.

    This piece offers you the opportunity to give the gift of a rose that transcends time. May it represent love, peace, friendship or a memory, you’ll have it to keep forever. Held by a skeletal hand which has been given a new lease of life, this piece is meaningful and beautiful in so many ways. What will yours represent for you?


    ” Ah, dear Juliet, why art thou yet so fair? Shall I believe that unsubstantial death is amorous and keeps thee here in the dark to be his paramour? “




    You do not need to do anything to the taxidermy rose other than take care of it, admire it, keep it out of direct sunlight and under the glass dome. If your taxidermy rose starts to wither we have taken care to create this piece so that you can simply purchase a new taxidermy rose from us and easily replace the old one. Our taxidermy roses usually last from one to three years with the correct care, with many lasting much longer.


    Don’t forget to tag the first of its kind#TAXIDERMYROSE


    Please note all our human bones are ex medical and comply with the human tissues act.

    Our pieces are completely legal to own and can be shipped to most

    countries worldwide.


  • Hand and rose are one of a kind- please specify

    Each piece is unique, each hand is one of a kind being a 100% authentic human skeleton and each rose unique also, by default you will be sent the next rose and hand we have available, if there is a specific one you have seen on Instagram or Facebook please mention this in your comments or email us before hand. Thank you for your understanding.


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