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I’m MY PET SKELETON. Weird name eh? Fifteen years ago, I put a lot of thought into creating an attention grabbing title to showcase my work as a graphic designer, music video director and fine artist. It worked so well that it has officially overshadowed my real name… Vincent Marcone.

I’m him. I’m them. I’m both.

I’ve spent 15 years developing a style and aesthetic that feels natural to whom I am. With every picture I create, I try to convey a sense of story by using the bits and pieces of what I can remember from my dreams which have developed into a kind of personal folklore.

I’ve created this space so that my work can be accessible to everyone. Directly from me to you. 

If you can afford an album or graphic novel, there’s a price point here to suit you… on the other hand, if you are an avid collector of limited edition prints or even originals… there’s space for you here as well.

All are welcome.
All are adored.
Your walls give my work a voice.
And for that, I am truly grateful.



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