July 14 – Grim Manor Gallery, a darker Haunted Mansion tribute (San Antonio, TX)

Welcome to Grim Manor Gallery,
a darker Haunted Mansion tribute exhibit!

Curated by artist Vidvad Scare (Mad Monster gallery and Scary stories to tell in the art) and artist Daniel Kranz

Let us take a haunted trail back into the caliginous whimsy of what the Haunted Mansion could have been, a museum of the weird, with more time period phantoms, creatures of the night, victorian apparitions and graveyard ghouls. Gripping closely to the works of Marc Davis and other artist’s original vision of the Mansion. We present to you a very strong imaginative cohesion and collection of artists that not only stimulates but enlightens with creativity, and gives you that much needed jarring spark when engaging with art, let‘s see the mansion that could have been and is today… Let’s step into the darker corridors of the mansion, and find the Grim Manor gallery.
Friday, July 14th Brick at Blue Star Arts complex. 7pm-12am
one night only!

Live in show shirt and tote bag printing by Creative worksprint studio.

Music provided by Dj Rickbats and DJ Fell
Also music from The Haunted Mansion!

Costumes inspired by Haunted Mansion are welcome and encouraged!
Cosplay something ghostly and spooky or even your favorite character from Haunted Mansion!


Artists in show (Also from previous Scary Stories exhibit)

Amanda Lee- SpookyTX
Daniel Kranz- SpookyTX-https://m.facebook.com/GrimsicalCreations/
Vidvad Scare- MoroseTX
Detra Munster- SA TX-
Zack Dunn- etsy.com/shop/ZackDunnart
Craig Reardon-http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0713946/
Melissa Doskotz-Lake Buena Vista Florida
Christopher Lee- Screwbiter Studios-www.screwbiter.net/
Michael Perry- Grayhouse Studios-http://www.thegrayhousestudio.com/
Nina Pluska-https://www.facebook.com/ninapluskaart/-Chicago
Meagan Meli-Meaganmeli.com/shop -Brooklyn NY
Dingy Dave- SA TX
Evil Dave- SA TX
Miguel Cantu- Altered Visions Studio. –alteredvisionstudios.com
Darryl-Dunnswood- https://www.facebook.com/dunnswood/ SA TX
Cody- Vault of Creepy-
Facebook.com/thevaultofcreepy- Syracruse NY
Stephanie Grimm- Austin TX
Crystal Terror- SA TX
Chad Savage- www.sinistervisions.com
Johanna Ost- Johannaost.com/
Tina Banda-Berkeley CA
Paul Boswell -Southwest of the UK – HTTP://boswellart.blogspot.co.uk/
Sabrina Rose Sabella- Chicago
Evan Hedges- Creepmodestudios.bigcartel.com
Jayce W.-FT Worth TX- imaginarium Delirium
Paul Garson- SA TX- https://www.facebook.com/The-Protean-Effect-296238167188891/
Ally Burke- deadspiderhands.net
Jason McKittrick- www.cryptocurium.com
RJ Sevin- Monsterkid Masks- SPFX- rubber monster maker
Blue One Thirty Art- https://www.facebook.com/BlueArt130/ -Houston TX
Dave Shonk- Closed Casket Studios-http://www.closedcasketstudios.com/
DracMakens- https://m.youtube.com/c/DracMakens
Vi- Haggardhare.tictail.com/
Mary J Hoffman- https://www.etsy.com/shop/boogervampire
Cesar -SA TX
Rigo Ortiz- SA TX
Eddy Rios-http://www.tricircledesigns.com/ SA TX
Darktown Sally-http://darktownsally.storenvy.com/
Blue Brown- Eerie Crypt FX-
Michael Locascio- https://www.etsy.com/people/Dellamorteco
Obscuri- https://www.facebook.com/Obscuri/
Christa Dippel- Atlantic City NJ
Karl Dahmer – https://www.facebook.com/DahmerArt/?ref=bookmarks
Abigail Larson- Abigaillarson.com
David W. Smith -Make up artist, mask maker, sculptor
Nat Jones- http://www.natjones.com/
Creative works print studio- https://www.facebook.com/creativeworksps/
Jfear- sickwix.etsy.com/
Noah Rivers- Noah rivers sculpture
Selvio Diz- https://www.facebook.com/Selviozis/
Gabriel Marquez-https://m.facebook.com/Gabriel.Marquez.Sculptor


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