The Creations of Elsa Olssen/Fevernest on Etsy

Textile artist, educated at The School of the Association of Friends of Textile Art in Stockholm.

I make petit point embroidery and hand woven artwork and adornments.
Most of my work is in black and white, I have never been big on color but rather work with shadows and different nuances of black. I´m very much inspired by the Victorian eras mourning culture as well as different cultural, religious and philosophical views and believes on the afterlife.

Other great sources of inspiration are anatomy and nature. I collect old medical books and never seize to be amazed by the wonderful and morbid illustrations.

As an artist I feel very strongly about preserving old traditional techniques, I consider myself a slow artist and as a collector I love to combine my artwork with older objects.

Here in my Etsy-shop I have focused on delicate, high quality artwork and adornments. All of the work you see is handcrafted by me in my studio in Stockholm.

For more of my artwork, upcoming shows and news, visit my online portfolio at: