Black Friday Clutch V2.0

Black Friday Clutch V2.0 | NO SIGIL

Avelina De Moray

If you want this bag WITH the Sigil Of Lucifer, please click here

Ths bag is different from the first 350 clutches made. The changes are:

  • This clutch will have NO top spikes.
  • It will feature BLACK VELVET on the front (previously back faux suede).
  • The middle divider has been removed and the zipper compartment has been moved to the back wall of the bag, making the bag more spacious & open. 
  • The strap design will be different (photos TBA). It will be a combination leather and Chain, and will be insanely adjustable. (Worn long, cross body, or at it’s shortest length, sitting beneath the underarm).
  • The bottom width of the bag has be increased from  to 7cm & the top width of the bag to 5cm. (V 1.0 was 5cm at the bottom and 3cm at the top)


The front features an evil ‘bat wing’ inspired design, consisting of three ‘raised’ panels made from the sexiest goth material known to man; PU PATENT LEATHER (faux)

Every material used within this bag are faux & VEGAN friendly, as this was VERY important to both Black Friday & Avelina.

The outside of this stunning bag is made from textured matte leather (faux). The top left of the bag features a wing made from the deepest & blackest of all materials; black velvet. This gives the bag a lovely layered dimension up against the other materials used.

This bag is 50 shades of BLACK, just like Avelina & Black Friday’s souls.

The interior of the bag is lined with BLOOD RED suede leather & features a built-in makeup mirror, a zippered compartment  & a plaque that reads ‘Black Friday by Avelina De Moray

The back of the bag also has a large 20cm back zipper for additional storage for important items (lined with black satin).

This bag will come with a removable & adjustable black shoulder strap. Strap length: 120cm

All hardware on the bag is silver.