The Haunt Store™ has a unique line of products to fit the home haunter as well as professional haunted attractions. We offer up many solutions and work with clients on guest engagement. We also deal with haunt design and flow, consulting, custom installations, interactive events and rooms, marketing and promotion for events and development work. We also do work outside of the Haunt Community too such as Christmas, interactive theater, guest experiences at theme parks, app and web development.


Explore the art of Maggie Love

In 2015 I started the line of Possessed PinUps as a celebration of the creepy girl I never stopped being. They’re an homage to both those retro cartoons and monster movies I grew up on. The Kreepy Kritters–adorable mutant animals–are in production, and will be growing exponentially soon.

They Played Productions

Captivated is a 3-part story of psychological horror. It’s our modern retelling of a classic monstrous tale (figuring out which one is part of the fun!) You can enjoy each part individually or you can experience all of the pieces and have a story that spans across each chapter into a deeper experience.

Captivated is designed to be a psychological horror story, one that plays with your perceptions of what is right, what is wrong and what we are willing to do to get what we want. It’s a modern reflection of the themes of obsession, desire, pride and hubris—and how quickly you can lose control.

The Cromwell Estate (Anaheim)

We are a horror themed escape room in Anaheim, Ca. At The Cromwell Estate not everyone makes it out alive, at least not without solving one of Isaac Cromwell’s dangerous traps. You’ll be dying to escape The Cromwell Estate. Our mini game experience: You’ve been caught by the notorious Isaac Cromwell. Tucked away in the depths of Rockfield Cemetery lays an abandoned room. With Isaac being the only one who has access to it, who knows what goes on behind those doors. Well, you will. He’s set up a chilling contraption just for you. Teams of 2 will go head to head, but only one team will make it out. Are you dying to escape?