They Played Productions

Captivated is a 3-part story of psychological horror. It’s our modern retelling of a classic monstrous tale (figuring out which one is part of the fun!) You can enjoy each part individually or you can experience all of the pieces and have a story that spans across each chapter into a deeper experience.

Captivated is designed to be a psychological horror story, one that plays with your perceptions of what is right, what is wrong and what we are willing to do to get what we want. It’s a modern reflection of the themes of obsession, desire, pride and hubris—and how quickly you can lose control.


The Cromwell Estate (Anaheim)

We are a horror themed escape room in Anaheim, Ca. At The Cromwell Estate not everyone makes it out alive, at least not without solving one of Isaac Cromwell’s dangerous traps. You’ll be dying to escape The Cromwell Estate. Our mini game experience: You’ve been caught by the notorious Isaac Cromwell. Tucked away in the depths of Rockfield Cemetery lays an abandoned room. With Isaac being the only one who has access to it, who knows what goes on behind those doors. Well, you will. He’s set up a chilling contraption just for you. Teams of 2 will go head to head, but only one team will make it out. Are you dying to escape?

Slashback Video

Slashback Video is an immersive exhibit that embodies all things nostalgia and 80’s horror! Created by Mystic Museum & Ryan Turek they collaborated on this amazing walkthrough experience of feeling like you stepped into an 80’s VHS rental store from hell! The horror section was always all of our favorite to b-line to at our local videotape shop, so we brought it back from the dead for all of your enjoyment!

Oct 27 – Wolf Hollow at Chicago’s SVSS 2nd Annual Witches Ball


Welcome to our SVSS 2nd Annual Chicago Witches Ball – Hosted by Nina Soul and lil Red Witch with Spiritual Vibes and the Soul Sisters Inc. This year we bring to you the atmosphere of New Orleans Voodoo Style! Join us for an evening of Magickal Voodoo fun from 7pm until Midnight where the witches have tossed the princesses aside and taken over the WHOLE castle!

Wolf Hollow will be one of the retail vendors in the ‘French Market’ with unique wares, showcasing our handmade jewelry and Witchy accessories!

For more information, visit the event page at

Oct 20 – Nightmare on Chicago Street 2018


Elgin history managed to hide a covert battle with the undead for years from its citizens. Many years ago, under top secret clearance, the Zombie Defense Initiative was formed, and managed to operate undetected until eight years ago.

In 2010, a spike in the number of undead predicted to shamble into the city, led the Zombie Defense Initiative to ask for help from a small number of determined citizens. Every year since that time, thanks to the prediction of highly-trained experts in the field of the undead uprising, increasingly more citizens have banded together to save our city from the zombie menace.

Citizens find themselves banded together, behind biohazard tents, just past overturned cars, and beyond makeshift medical buildings, taking a stand there in a one-of-a-kind “Safe Zone”.

For the citizen who asks the question, “What is Nightmare on Chicago Street?” The answer is something that every citizen needs to experience for themselves. Every person who spends five hours inside the many blocks downtown, witnesses something different. Survivors eat, drink and dance while bands play at multiple stages, citizens with possible infection are treated at our fully-licensed medical facilities, where experimentation is highly probably. Some people have even managed to create art out of the madness, and display it alongside other merchants in our well-lit bazaar. Every year, there is a twisted offering from steampunk time travelers, to warped circus performers, to the end of the world battle dome. Among the chaos, the Best Horror Host ever, Svengoolie, has been on watch every year within the ZDI Recruiting office. There’s something (or someone) shocking around every corner of our historic downtown, and plenty of bars, restaurants and shops to escape into.

Our entrance gates have been redesigned this year, as well as a new ticketing agency. We are doing everything we can to make sure everyone can experience Nightmare on Chicago Street, the closest thing to a party at the end of the world.

The Boo Crew Podcast

The Boo Crew is a brand new horror podcast, website and online horror community. Each highly produced episode features the voice talents of the legendary Corey Burton (Disneyland / Tarantino and Rodriguez’ GRINDHOUSE / voice of the El Rey Network), and a cast of five horror-obsessed friends from a victorian-era broadcast studio hidden thru a secret passageway. The show features multiple segments, highlighting the music of composers from the horror genre, as well as discussions about movies, haunts, props, toys, the paranormal and more. Every episode features an interview with a special guest. Our guests are not only icons from your favorite horror and genre films from in front of and behind the lens, but also artists, actors, musicians, authors and personalities inspired by horror and dark entertainment resulting in a truly unique experience that has something for everyone. The Boo Crew will be haunting Midsummer Scream with our branded t-shirts that will be available and promoting the show. We will also have a variety of screen used horror props on display from our private collection!