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The Contrary Dame Jewelry & Accessories

“It’s not your mother’s jewelry…unless she’s a badass.” We design and make jewelry for the goth and Halloween lover in all of us! Bats, skulls, spiders, Jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, you name it! Dia de los Muertos items as well as Halloween! Selected purchases benefit Planned Parenthood, True Colors Fund, It Gets Better Foundation, and Nuevo Amanecer Latino Children’s Services.


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SpookyBoxClub “Step Into My Parlour” Unboxing – subscribe online

Step into my Parlor. Box #40

Little Ghost Mug (custom made)
Tea Time Enamel Pin (custom made)
Little Ghost Vinyl Decal (custom made)
Caught in a Web Necklace (custom made)
Spooky Afternoon Tea Art Print
Sugar Skull Spoon
Strawberry Compote Tea Sampler
Handcrafted Gourmet Lollipop

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The Hallowed Grave

The Hallowed Grave. Where Imagination Meets the Macabre. We are artists and year round Halloween enthusiasts. We are a husband and wife team who handcraft all of our art, decor, jewelry, and so much more. Our goal is to provide unique, unusual, macabre, whimsical, funny, creepy items for you. Whether you have a haunted attraction, are a home haunter, love decorating your home for Halloween, or if you are like us and Halloween is your lifestyle, we have something for you.

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Tea Review: Adagio Fandom Teas – Evil Bunny Alliance by Jillian Venters


The Evil Bunny Alliance believes in sweet, sweet caffeine. Blackberries, chocolate, and vanilla are as adorable as a wiggly bunny nose, and the caffeine will keep you alert, a vital requirement for EBA minions.

Recently, I found myself in a tea slump. So I decided to sample another one of the Adagio Fandom teas – The Evil Bunny Alliance. The second in the Gothic Charm School trio of blends (see my first review of The Lady of Manners Blend). The fun includes trying other people’s blends and for the cute reusable tins. The art on this tin includes the founding member of the EBA and a cute doll version of the author.

The aroma in the tin and in the cup with a splash of milk is delightful. Creamy, not bitter with the sweet chocolate and blackberry combo coming out strong. Tasted delicious with a cookie to dunk. At first taste, this is a keeper. Looking forward to the next cuppa. BONUS: this tea contains a high level of caffeine!

Support our spooky Aunt Jilli and try her signature blend. This purchase also supports ChariTEA: Honeybee Conservancy

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NEW video! Three Spooky Things (plus one more!)

1. Elvira Funko POP! Amazon or other pop culture outlets near you!

2. Hotel Transylvania plush We found ours at our local Cinemark Theatre

3. Confessions of a Funeral Director: How the Business of Death Saved My Life by Caleb Wilde Amazon or other book sellers near you!

4. Skull Lip Balm 3 Pack Rebels Refinery Target or anywhere that carries Rebels Refinery products

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Three handmade things – In The Lab video

Three Spooky things in the Lab this week are all handmade items from various artists 1. Eye Fork Visit Todd Fischer Mixed Media online at 2. Beetlejuice soap Smells like Earl Grey (there is another that smells like green apple) See the designers at and get your soap at 3. PeedleBeetle Specimen Art (ethically sourced) Check out her continually changing items at

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We are an all year round Halloween/Horror themed boutique that offers a large variety of Halloween/Horror inspired merchandise. Our merchandise ranges from soap sculptures, t-shirts, apparel, jewelry and masks, all the way to novelty and prop replica items. At this year’s Midsummer Scream, we will be launching our brand new apparel section along with new creations and artwork. Our company strives to give quality and affordable horror merchandise for all to enjoy.

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