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Founded on Halloween of 1996, provided listings of restaurants and shops and events that were friendly to the Gothic/Alternative community for over 20 years.

In the world of Facebook, Google+ and Hot Topic, a more personal project emerged from the SpookyBs (JameyB and DavidB) in the early 2000’s – (spooky stuff for spooky people.) offers a wider, yet more select, resource. The links are being narrowed down to a more focused list (only the spooktacular will be selected) but the reviews and photoshoots of featured artists, bands, talent, events continue strong as ever! In the next month or two, SpookyInc plans to resurrect the much-loved, and sorely missed 13 month October to October calendar!


  • DavidB – Co-Founder, photographer, collage and clay sculptor, Photoshop artist and more!
  • JameyB – Co-Founder, scours the web for the most interesting spooky things to share with you!

Event Photography

Feel free to visit our GothicChicago and SpookyInc Flickr collection to see only a small selection of the many events we have been asked to cover – from ComicCon San Diego to Haunted Mansion Holiday at DLR, from Ministry to MVN, and so many more!


  • SpookyInc’s Facebook Page – Our official Facebook fan page.
  • GothicChicago – A little history of Chicago’s OnLine Gothic Resource for 13 years. Founded on Halloween 1996
  • – A short run website created to celebrate the Pirates 2 movie Red Carpet event
  • Twitter – SpookyInc’s Twitter feed

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