Visual Imagery

Since I was very young imitating the sound and motion of my Dad taking a photo, visual arts has always been my passion, from cley to collage, from printmaking to photography, from animation to video, I would grab any chance I got to be creative in whatever new mediums the world had to offer.


My grade school was lucky enough to get their hands on the new technology for the early 1980s, the Apple // computers. Back then, drawing a line took typing in a few lines of code, but it grabbed my attention immediately. Animations soon followed, and I have been in love with technology assisted drawing ever since.

I was even lucky enough to be the first to graduate college with a new Minor in Computer graphic and animations (created by my partner, mentor and now wife JameyB).

Soon, all my interests intersected in form of creating an interface built on the Army’s ARPANET system – what we came to know as the Internet.

My photography is growing to include new techniques such as HDRI
and I am delving further into the world of sculpture, focusing currently on polymer clay.

Portfolio Links:
DavidB’s Art Project – Flickr Group

Instagram – Photography portfolio

Video Creations – YouTube


Posted May 2, 2011 by si

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