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Welcome to The Spooky 13

The 13 spooky categories of 13 spooky links of items we found to be spooktacular to date.
Listings are alphabetical, and there are things we couldn’t keep on the list… so if you have suggestions please feel free to email them to us for consideration for our next round of edits.

The Spooky13 is our place for fun – so play nice.

13 ARTISTS Art from these talented folks fill our home.

13 EVENTS Here is the top list of events on my wishlist…some we have been lucky enough to attend at least once, a few a couple of times and then there is that wishlist (we WILL get there someday!)

13 GOTHIC CHICAGO Visiting our spooky city? Having lived here for over 20 years, these are our top 13 suggestions of things NOT to miss!

13 HALLOWEEN LISTINGS This is a broad category of sites to check out during the Fall season. Some seem very mundane the rest of the year, but believe me their Halloween offerings are outstanding.

13 MOVIES We love movies! We watch movies! We listen to the commentaries and love DVD extras…
Here is a short list of movies we use to explain our lifestyle…
what do you think – are we close?

13 MUSICIANS This is the list of music I would want if stranded on an island…
Not the ultimate list of spooky musicians, but the top 13 for us.

13 PEOPLE + PLACES DJs, Promoters, Models, Venues, Clubs

13 RESTAURANTS + BARS Places we have been that had that certain something… you know what I mean? And few places on our travel wishlist! Hello Tokyo!

13 SHOPS We have a bad habit… we like to shop. More so we COLLECT!
And these have been some of our favorites spots! Tell them we sent you!

13 SPOOKY CITIES We’ve been to almost all on the list, and if not this year it will be next year I promise! Every city has spooky places to visit. Search the city and ask online, fellow spooky peeps will point you in the right direction.

13 TV SHOWS We watch TV. We like reruns and box sets.
And thank goodness for streaming video! Here’s a short list of what we have on our watch list at home…

13 VIDEOS Some videos that just say spooky!
Some are music, some are short films and some are from your childhood!

13 WRITERS We are so lucky to have so many spooky writers out there that this was a difficult list to make.
Some of the titles are books that inspired us into our lifestyle way back in the day…



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