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100 Club, Oxford Street, London England
…ˇFrom all those jazz legends including Ella Fitzgerald to secret Rolling Stones gigs to in reality the first real stirrings of Punk with the classic 1976 Punk Rock Festival organised by Ron Watts which included the Sex Pistols, Clash, Buzzcocks, Siouxsie, Subway Sect, Damned and Vibrators…ˇ

Adora BatBrat
Adora BatBrat is an icon and probably the best known Goth girl within subcultures because of her ironic and fun YouTube videoart, modelling pictures, great make up and peppy personality.
Part of her cult status is the fact she was born 1972, been with her husband since 1989, she’s got three kids and still manage to look like a 26 year old bad ass Goth.

Berlin Nightclub, Chicago, IL
Berlin was one of my first nightclubs back in the 80˙s
and it remains FABULOUS! Say HI to our pal DJ Greg Haus, who has helmed Cosmix for more than a decade, leads the charge into 2011 with progressive dance styles and support from local electro lovers DAAN, who perform their synthy ˘80s-ish pop live.

Amelia G and Forrest Black of BlueBlood.net
Amelia G helms Blue Blood which is a content production, packaging, and publishing company. Starting off with one branded magazine in 1992, Amelia G now manages multiple production teams of varying sizes in creating both branded and white label print and digital products.
See more ameliag.com/1988/07/bio
Forrest Black is an award-winning graphic designer and photographer. He has done design and photography for Gothic.net and many other popular spooky web sites. Follow him on Twitter twitter.com/#!/ForrestBlack

Dita Von Teese
If you can catch a performance, we highly suggest it! Beautiful and a little cheeky, she is THE international burlesque star!

DJ Amanda Jones
Los Angeles native Amanda Jones launched her career as a club DJ in 1989 at Helter Skelter. Over a decade later, she is still going strong, spinning everything from gothic to industrial, EBM to power noise.

Order of the Good Death
Founded in January of 2011 by Caitlin, a mortician and writer living in Los Angeles, CA. Since then, the Order has expanded to include filmmakers, poets, musicians, artists, and writers exploring ways to prepare a death phobic culture for their inevitable mortality.

Peaches Christ, San Francisco, California
Have you been to Midnight Mass?
Have you seen All About Evil (allaboutevilthemovie.com)?
These are both must sees believe me!

Release the Bats, Long Beach, California
Hard Drinkin˙, Foul Mouthed, In Yer Face, American Gothic! Since 1998

Salon Noir, Toronto, Canada
DJs Uriel and Mistress McCutchan spin melancholic melodies of a vampy vintage.

DJ Scary Lady Sarah
DJ Scary Lady Sarah has offered some of the BEST spooky events EVER!
You can catch her in Chicago, head to Nocturna at Metro Chicago or find her all over the world (England, Canada, Germany and more!)

Slime Light, London England
The Slimelight is London˙s longest running alternative club dealing in industrial, power-noise, cyber-synth, ebm, cyber-goth, darkwave, trad + modern goth, plus crossover and related alternative sounds. The club has never been featured in listings magazines, but has a membership base of around 10,000. It is also probably the most well known club of its type in the world with a wide and varied mixture of nationalities in attendance on any given week.

Zeotica Ebb
Artist, Model, Photographer, Blogger and cool magazine Editor (Coilhouse). Follow her online and you will see why we think she is wonderful!


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