13 Restaurants + Bars


Places we have been that had that certain something… you know what I mean?
And few places on our travel wishlist! Hello Tokyo!


1886 Cafe and Bakery at the Driskill Hotel in Austin, TX
If you can, explore the entire hotel! Victorian and beautiful!

The Alibi, Portland, OR
This one came well suggested!

Atwood Cafe at Hotel Burham, Chicago, IL
Cozy and creatively cool! You will feel like you walked into the 40’s.

Cafe Le Cercueil, Brussels
lecercueil.be (site is currently down – can anyone tell us if the cafe is still there?)
One of my all time favorites. My first visit was in 1988.
Sitting on coffins, drinking from skulls and listening to goth rock in Belgium!

Dot Dot Dash, Chicago, IL
Creepy tiki decor and strong drinks!

Edwards Apple Orchard, Poplar Grove, IL
For the the Fall! Lots of pumpkins and delicious apple donuts… mmmmmmmmm

Jekyl and Hyde Club, New York
When there was one in Chicago we loved the campiness…New York the original!

Les Deux Margots, Paris
At first glance it is another cool cafe, but think about how long it has been open… can’t you just imagine vampires hanging out here and enjoying Parisians…

The London Grill at The Benson Hotel, Portland, OR
Secret doors, superb service and a sense that you aren’t alone…

The Spider House Cafe, Austin, TX
Tattoos, WiFi, Art and the Freeto Burrito! YUM!

Trader Vics
Poor Chicago‚ just closed….again…

UK Eerie Pubs
Secret door to the bathrooms!

Vampire Cafe, Tokyo
Doesn’t this look wonderful? Anyone been there? What did you think?


Posted August 7, 2011 by si

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