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Chicago is where it all started for us. Planning a visit?
These are our top 13 suggestions of things NOT to miss!

Chicago Diner
Chicago Diner = Great veggie food!

Chicago Hauntings
Great with a group!

Graceland Cemetery
An oasis of art, architecture and horticulture since 1860.
In the Fall there are great tours!

International Museum of Surgical Science
Located in a historic lakeside mansion that is now the Museum was constructed in 1917.

Late Bar
Late Bar is indeed open late (4 a.m. on Fridays and 5 a.m. on Saturdays). On Saturdays, co-owner Dave Roberts spins new wave classics as part of the popular weekly ˛Planet Earth party. On the drink front, Late Bar is on the forefront, offering sugar-free, vegan-friendly and gluten-free options!

Lincoln Park Zoo
Bats! plus the zoo is free… and did we mention the bats, spiders, lizards…

Margie˙s Candies
Old school ice cream and candy shoppe – delicious!

Music Box Theatre
An amazing old theatre with grand memories and stars that light up the theatre sky.

Pennys Noodles
Best Thai Food in Chicago at the best price!

Pick Me Up Cafe
More than likely the one place in Chicago where you can always find a goth or two!

Ugly dolls to XXRay Batman for your collection.

Shangra-La Vintage
Follow them on Facebook
You can find everything from goth, tiki to creepy here!

Wooly Mammoth
We are  a curiosity cabinet of antiques & oddities resurrected from the past. A motionless zoo & touchable museum, we specialize in antique & vintage: specimens, taxidermy, art, medical doodads, atypical collectibles, unusual objects, & strange whatchamacallits.


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