Bloodmillk – stunning handmade jewelry!

I began Blood Milk in the warmer months of 2008, in the wake of two separate but equally transformative events in my life; the first being the one year anniversary of completing my MFA in writing with no writing jobs in sight (the dreaded economic crisis killed many a dream that year) and perhaps, even more devastating, the sudden death of my estranged father. I began to be wholly consumed with questions about the afterlife; my upbringing offered me vacant answers on this account, despite a four year tenure in a Christian boarding school.  read more.

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BellaLili Handmade Jewelry, Sterling, gemstones and minerals

Check out Instagram, Bellalilijewelry for updates and sneak peeks.

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American Duchess Historical Footwear

American Duchess Historical Footwear

exclusively manufactures our own unique and increasingly varied line of reproduction 18th Century shoes, Regency slippersVictorian button bootsEdwardian Shoes, and 1920’s T-Strap Spectator Shoes. We also offer a range of accessories such as 18th Century shoe buckles, 18th Century silk stockings, andreproduction Victorian button hooks, as well as Angelus leather paints (for creating a unique design that matches your costume perfectly), and shoe care products to keep your shoes looking their best for many years to come.

All of our historical shoes and accessories are carefully researched (referencing extant examples) and painstakingly designed to bring you historically accurate footwear that is extremely comfortable, durable, affordable and elegant. Many of our shoes are dyeable, or designed to be be painted for a completely unique and authentic look.

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SOVRIN – hand printed earthly dark apparel


I knew since I was 13 that being a clothing designer was what I wanted to be. I had gathered throughout my years countless inspiration books filled with doodles, magazine cutouts, and fabric swatches. I started going to fashion school in my last two years of high school, and then later graduated in the Fashion Marketing program in 2010. Since graduation I have continued to follow my dream of design and have taken any part possible within the fashion world.

I think now after those years of dedication, SOVRIN, has brought the perfect balance of design, construction and freedom and has created the exact career I’ve been searching for. I only hope to continue to grow and create even more beautiful pieces that can be enjoyed by myself and anyone who enters my shop.


SOVRIN was started in March 2012. I decided to start printing because I wanted to create unique clothing that I wanted to wear but couldn’t find anywhere else… it was hard to find many animal based anatomical clothing. My first design that influenced me to create SOVRIN was the Ram Skull design. I had become infatuated with the idea of a ram skull print, but couldn’t find any prints that didn’t entail some sort of direct reference to the satanic religion. From then on, I continued to create more designs, and eventually move onto leggings….the first of which was the Sword Leggings.

I have to say, I owe all of my printing knowledge to my good friend Saul ( I am forever grateful for his patience and willingness to teach me🙂 I wouldn’t be in such a great place without you! (if you ever read this, I’m sure you will just shaking your head)

One thing I haven’t really advertised much yet about SOVRIN is one of my views/morals that I try to support and follow as much as possible: environmentally friendly clothing and supporting the idea of sustainability.

Beyond getting rad printed clothing, know that I do my best to try and make my apparel as ethically and eco friendly as possible. How you ask? Here are a few ways:

1.) I print using water based inks. These inks are the most eco friendly of all. During the curing process of the inks, water is vaporized into the air…..when other types of inks are cured chemicals are vaporized into the air….ick!

2.) Majority of my pieces are USA made, if not made in the USA, they are sweatshop free.

3.) I do my best to only use organic hemp, cotton, and bamboo fabric for my “witching hour line” (though all do not use these organic fabrics)

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SomniaRomantica – Romantic clothing and accessories inspired by history

Somnia Romantica is a fashion line by dutch designer Marjolein Turin.
Gowns and short dresses form the core of the designs. Added to that are pieces that can be combined with it like cardigans, shrugs, lace tops and over skirts. The pieces are often based on authentic historical patterns, adjusted to own design and interpretation.
Inspiration comes from history, nature, myths and dreams.
Materials form an important part of the designs. Especially beautiful laces and trims both new and vintage are sourced from everywhere in The Netherlands and all around the world
The aim of Somnia Romantica is to bring nostalgia and (dark-) romantic dream scapes into modern society.
The name was easily decided. Somnia means ‘dream’ in Latin. It’s also been translated as ‘moonlight’. Both reflect the feel of the brand perfectly.
If you have any question, feel free to contact me!
For more info and links to all my social media pages, see:

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08/19 Carnivorous Garden presents NEON Overdrive, featuring MEND and St. Griselda (Chicago)

We’re finally back! Carnivorous Garden returns Friday August 19 to bring you another rocking synth-filled dance night complete with our signature light art mayhem, whimsy, DJs, and performances.

This round the theme is NEON OVERDRIVE: don your favorite neon garb and join us at Township in Logan Square as we transform their space into a fluorescent-accented dancescape with our video and lighting displays.

$10 in advance, $12/$15 at the door. ($12 if dressed in theme)


DJs will kick us off at 8 PM with electro, new wave, synthpop, and other synthy electronic music and keep us going until close. Please contact us if you have art in the theme that you would like to contribute! Let’s get UV-tastic.

CG Resident DJs Mutilato and dj senseless are coming back, and will be joined by special guest DJ Scary Lady Sarah!

It is our abolute pleaure to announce that the Chicago Nightlife Awards winner of Best DJ for 2016 is joining our DJ lineup for this night! Welcome,Sarah!! And congratulations on that win this june.

For a new twist, we are bringing you local electronic synth-based bands as the performances. This is going to be AWESOME!


We are extremely excited to announce MEND will be coming to our stage, with their beautiful LED triangles in tow that they constructed with Lobo Homen. Check out the banner on their fb page for a glimpse of their triangles and video:

MEND is: The partnership between Kassi Cork, pianist / composer and Max Glascott, technological impresario, DJ and experimental noisemaker.

MEND creates a cohesive mass of music that explores and redefines genre clichés within the bounds of any given track.

Influences range from hip-hop to industrial with nods to dub-step, acid, electro, classical and beyond.

St Griselda

Opening for MEND, St. Griselda will be performing their very first live show in Chicago! A studio project for over 3 years, now the adventure is coming to the stage:

St. Griselda creates dark, melodic electronic music.

We pull ideas from many genres, including circus, dance, steampunk, industrial, trip-hop, classical, and especially musical theater. Our goal is to create a mini-story with each song, so we start with a character and story and build the soundscape around them.

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WELCOME TO SHRINE OF HOLLYWOOD, MAKERS OF DECADENT ROCK N’ ROLL FASHION SINCE 1994. Elegant clothing designed and manufactured in Hollywood for Rock Stars, Glamour Icons and Fashionistas of the 21st Century.
“It is our desire to provide the highest quality, most original and spectacular trappings for the denizens of this paradise”


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