NEW BOOK! Vicennial 20 Years Into the Night from GothicChicago!

Support SpookyInc - Buy our bookVICENNIAL – INTO THE NIGHT
A Book by DavidB and JameyB

GothicChicago Calendars – Events – Photos

Born out of frustration with being seated in the back of a restaurant because we looked too “Goth” (aka “weird”) – we decided to share Goth-friendly locations and events in Chicago and eventually worldwide online.  The scene has grown – Goth is in the malls, Cosplay is all the rage and the world is a little smaller (and more wonderful) due to social media.  To celebrate 20 years of spooky stuff for spooky people, this 46 page, full colour book shares highlights from 1996-2016.

Get your copy today!

Celebrate with us by posting your memories with #SpookyInc20

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Big fluffy Batbag from FLEZ

This fluffy bat bag is not only large, it had also a lot of pockets for any item.

The bag is 37x30cm big and has at the top a slide fastener,
The inner workings of the cuddle bag offers plenty of storage space.
A smaller interior pocket and a compartment for your pen exists.

On the back and on the front of the bag there are also
2 small bags with zipper.

The carrier belt is adjustable by means of Velcro.


AND …. the best for last:
The bag comes with a batty friend.
This, you always have someone with you.
if you get bored
you can take the bat out of his pocket and fly around with it 🙂


Visit us on Facebook * / FlezArt *
we would be glad!

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Spooky cute Bat Scarf! Th1rte3nsCloset

Th1rte3n’s Closet is a shop where you can find items by me, Kaira Th1rte3n.

I am the inventor and creator of the BatPack a patented item. A BatPack is a shawl combined with a backpack and a stuffed animal. It can be made in any color of or style. Just contact us for more info.
I also invented and made the Bat Coin Purse which can worm on the arm and it wonderful for carrying your money and ID when your out.

I also am the creator of the Deadly Bears. I try to come up with some of the most individual Teddys and Plushies around. I promise you will NEVER find a bear like your Deadly Bear, each one is different withs its own story and death. Deadly Bears come in Dead, Undead, Vampire, Mutant, and Zombie.
You can find a full list of all the Different Deadly Bears I have made on our website or both web addresses take you to the same website.

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Saturday, 24 June ’17: Annual Eclectic Yard Sale / Social! (Chicago)

The Darkest & Most Goth™ Yard Sale!

Annual Super Eclectic YARD SALE- Tons of Cool Stuff Super Cheap!
Saturday, 24 June 2017 – Noon – 4:30pm
450 N. Leavitt (at Grand Ave.) Chicago
(Will postpone in case of severe rain.)

Multiple sellers!
Details on items coming soon!

Most everything inexpensive- bring small bills/change!

Come say hi & buy! Come get drunk & buy our junk! (Rumor is there might be drinks & vegan snacks on hand!)

Please tell your friends! (Don’t feel obligated to RSVP here- just stop by!) Recycle & reuse- yard sales are good for the planet! Thanks, everyone!


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Visit Ghoulish Bunny Studios

Welcome to our official website and online store. Featuring the Whimsically Creepy Cute art by Diana Levin and Horror writing by Shawn Givens.

Ghoulish Bunny Studios brings you an assortment of Gothic Fantasy Art, Creepy Cute Characters, Spooky Stories, Halloween Inspired images and more…Browse through our collection of Art Prints, Original Art, Jewelry and Accessories. Shop for unique gifts and follow us on our wayward journey. These fiendish goodies are to die for…

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Add this to your closet – Medeina Bat Wing Cape By Necessary Evil

The Medeina Cape by Necessary Evil is made from a sheer stretchy mesh material.  The Gothic cape has bat wing-effect stitching and shape with a stretchy, high-necked collar.

Sizes XS/M-L/XXL


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June 17: Nocturna 29th Anniversary w/ DJ Scary Lady Sarah (Chicago)

Nocturna, now in its 29th year, is an 18+ dark alternative dance night held once every other month (more or less) in Chicago. DJ Scary Lady Sarahspins a highly request-driven mix of current & classic goth, industrial, post-punk, deathrock, ethereal, shoegaze, new wave, ebm, darkwave, dark indie & more. Come dance until dawn!

• Saturday, 17 June 2017: We celebrate the 29th anniversary of Nocturna (the longest running goth night in North America- possibly the world!) Specials for this night include:

GlitterGuts Photobooth: Our fave night life photographers running all night at no cost to you- dress to impress!

Dreaded Jenocide: The Place for Lovely Spooky Things offering spooky barrettes, handbags, clothing, Manic Panic cosmetics & more!

– Artist Angela Bachman of Grey Engel Artwork will have a selection of her beautiful prints on sale

Danesh Kothari – Mechanical Machinations: Fine art dreamt in digital. Visualizing and transmuting the world into digital dreams. #idreamindigital

Ballion Design: Vintage silverware transformed into one-of-a-kind rings, earrings, and pendants

– NOCTURNA t-shirts & Scary Lady Sarah’s own “One Inch Worlds” pin badges

• GIVEAWAYS for this night to be announced soon!

• The Candy Cauldron will be on stage as always; help yourself to a complimentary treat! Special anniversary treats will be provided, too!

• More details coming up!

At Metro Chicago, 3730 N. Clark St, Chicago
11:30pm – 5am / 18+ / $10.

♫♪★♫ ♪★♫ ♪★♫ ♪★♫ ♪★

Thank you so much! Please help spread the word by sharing this event page!- especially now that FB limits how many people one person can invite! Looking forward to seeing you there!!! 🙂 ♥

♥ ♪ ♫ ★ ❤ ☆ ♥ ♪ ♫ ★ ❤ ☆ ♥ ♪ ♫ ★ ❤ ☆ ♥ ♪ ♫ ★ ❤ ☆ ☠

Join the NOCTURNA FB group, too:

Nocturna is an American Gothic Productions event…
Specialists in Dark Nightlife…
…for Those Who Know…

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Check out

Rose Color
  • The Forever Collection: The taxidermy rose BLACK

    This is the first of (The Forever Collection).

    Suspending nature’s exquisite dark beauty, forever.

    This piece offers you the opportunity to give the gift of a rose that transcends time. May it represent love, peace, friendship or a memory, you’ll have it to keep forever. Held by a skeletal hand which has been given a new lease of life, this piece is meaningful and beautiful in so many ways. What will yours represent for you?


    ” Ah, dear Juliet, why art thou yet so fair? Shall I believe that unsubstantial death is amorous and keeps thee here in the dark to be his paramour? “




    You do not need to do anything to the taxidermy rose other than take care of it, admire it, keep it out of direct sunlight and under the glass dome. If your taxidermy rose starts to wither we have taken care to create this piece so that you can simply purchase a new taxidermy rose from us and easily replace the old one. Our taxidermy roses usually last from one to three years with the correct care, with many lasting much longer.


    Don’t forget to tag the first of its kind#TAXIDERMYROSE


    Please note all our human bones are ex medical and comply with the human tissues act.

    Our pieces are completely legal to own and can be shipped to most

    countries worldwide.


  • Hand and rose are one of a kind- please specify

    Each piece is unique, each hand is one of a kind being a 100% authentic human skeleton and each rose unique also, by default you will be sent the next rose and hand we have available, if there is a specific one you have seen on Instagram or Facebook please mention this in your comments or email us before hand. Thank you for your understanding.

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